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Oksana Taran

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One of the most ancient holistic wellness systems of the world, Ayurveda, compares our stomach to a sacred fire. And for that fire to flourish the fireplace has to be given time to clean from time to time. Fasting has been an integral part of all cultures in the past but has been largely abandoned now. With the abundance of various food choices though, it is needed today more than it ever was.


The app helps make fasting a part of your lifestyle. Be it a little each day, or for longer periodically – it has you covered. We firmly believe (based on scientific evidence) that by taking up fasting at a sustainable pace you can reap substantial health benefits and improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Ashtanga Yoga Days

Yoga has been an integral part of my life for more than 20 years now. My experience has culminated in a desire to help interested people integrate yoga in their lifestyle to gain both physical and spiritual benefits of the sustained and dedicated practice.


Keeping a yoga practice journal gives courage at times when convincing yourself to step on the mat is particularly hard. All the days you powered through and felt so much better afterwards are there to browse and get fired up. You can also see everyone in the world who wrote down their practice today. This helps to feel at a deep level that you are not alone in your pursuit of wellness and spirituality. The app also provides a unique look into your yoga by displaying various health and progress statistics.


My belief in yoga is based on many years of personal experience. Even though I am still discovering new things every day, the impact the practice had on the quality of my life is immense. My wish is for more people to experience what yoga has to offer.

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Contract work

Guide Human

Personal growth app focused on gathering resources, learning and sharing knowledge.



Dating game where the girl chooses the guys that battle for her attention by answering a series of video questions.   For this project, I worked alone in a fast-paced environment to provide a RAT prototype to be used for investment decisions.



Revolutionizes the dating scene by focusing on asking and answering video questions.


Worked as a senior iOS developer with a team of other developers to implement features in a continuous release environment. Collaborated on product specs and vision planning to identify possible issues and advise on best practices.



Here we worked to bring a line skipping solution to people who want to enjoy nightlife without the stress of waiting in line at a chosen event, bar, or club.



Ever wished you could ask a celebrity about their experience at that particular TV show scene? That’s what Gogogab is all about – a fast, easy and fun way to share live commentary around TV shows, movies, and sporting events with celebrities and friends. The team was able to get many top stars on board including the cast of Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, True Detective, Teen Wolf, and the list goes on and on.



Planing to buy a boat? This SACS sale companion app will help build the perfect one for you. With a large database of models, parts and colors, ability customize and add pricing – it replaces the old spreadsheet approach with a visual and fun one.


Alfa Jazz Fest

Working on a companion app for a major Ukrainian jazz festival was both a challenge and an honor for us. The app helps visitors navigate the festival, check out the schedule of events and manage favorites. There even is a built-in festival radio, so that jazz doesn’t stop even when you are away.



Mindmarker app allows major companies to bring their personnel training to a new level. It helps the knowledge, given out during trainings, to stick, by asking the employees a series of quizzes. It also acts as knowledge base for all the training info – including text, spreadsheets, audio, videos, etc.



This sale companion app helps ambassadors promote Zipcar by providing customers looking to rent a car with a fluid Q&A experience that guides them to the best car for their purpose.



We care about recycling at Captain Hook, so working on an app that aims to give people incentives to participate really hit home with us.



Our debut to gaming scene combines classic Tetris gameplay with a 3D twist and slick visuals.



An example app for a custom VOIP SDK we worked on. It allows corporate customers to easily make their own VOIP solutions for customer support, internal communication, etc.


Live City

An app we made for a local event aggregator that focused on letting users discover niche events and buy tickets for them easy and hassle free.


Abto VNC

An example app for a custom VNC (remote desktop) SDK we worked on. It allows corporate customers to easily make their own VNC solutions for customer support (i.e. fixing issues on customer’s computer directly).



Working on a companion app for a major news outlet was a real challenge – the app had to look and feel differently for every local subsidiary. We had much fun designing an architecture that allowed pretty much any part of the UI to be replaceable at real time based on commands from a CMS.


To Event With Friends

Visiting events is always more fun with friends. Sometimes it’s cheaper too. That’s what To Event With Friends is all about – find interesting people and friends to commute to an event with, while making sharing the cost of tickets, taxis and accommodation easy and hassle free.